스튜디오 히치


Bamiyan Culture Centre, Afghanistan, 2015.
Collaboration with
Zap Architects

Studio Heech and Zap architects proposed a cultural building located in Afghanistan for Unesco's international completion. The scheme was developed with the idea that local brick works would be the only achievable constructing method in this far remote environment. A series of traditional Afghan kilns are built on site, in order to provide bricks as a building material for this building. After baking sufficient bricks, then these kilns remains with structural reinforcement, then the kilns becomes main structure supporting the whole building system, also naturally generating interior rooms for functions required for local needs.
Bamiyan Buddhas in the cliff of the Bamiyan valley are brought into the internal spaces through the openings of great brick arches built by Afghan traditional brick works.


inside, looking down to the mountain


Entrance from the upper ground level


Exhibition room


Multi-purpose room, looking down to the valley


Roof garden