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Sanyang Brewery The old brewery built in 1944 has transformed into new cultural hub, South Korea, 2019,

Sanyang Brewery from Heech on Vimeo.

Studio Heech has revitalised the main building of Sanyang Brewery in South Korea, built in 1944, by rescuing it without changing its unique character reflecting Japanese colonial architecture style. The decaying brewery building abandoned over 30 years has been transformed into new cultural venue space for exhibition, flexible events and cafeteria. There were limited information and records of the 80 year old existing brewery building available. At the outset, the design team had a careful investigation to obtain a clear understanding on the building remained, including structural analysis, historic context research, then assessed all information and knowledge gained and recorded in order to set a clear strategic plan to decide which parts of the building to be restored and intervened. Following and learning traditional construction technique were a crucial part of the project to the design team to find right restoration technique to retain its unique character.

달빛탐사대 앞마당 음악회 performed by 돌담곁에이끼 01_Interior view  
02_Physical model  
05_Interior view  
06_Interior view  
Old Brewery, East Elevation 2018  
Old Brewery, Interior brewing space, 2017  
Old Brewery, Office, 2017