스튜디오 히치


Mews Glass Block House, Seocho, Seoul, 2022
House Refurbishment, 주택 레노베이션, 2022

This is a house renovation project for three families, where the elderly couple who built this house 30 years ago and their children's families who left home can come back and live together. In particular, the main ambition of the project was to improve the living space on the ground floor for families with a child moving in. Because the living space on the ground floor had to be improved while the daily lives of the other families already living in the semi-basement and first floors were not greatly disturbed, it was necessary to carefully coordinate and consider structural safety and the construction process.

Built in 1990, the load bearing brick house is located in a quiet mews in a residential area Seocho-dong. The space on the ground floor was intended to improve the existing low floor height, privacy from the outside as obtaining maximum natural light at the same time. For this purpose, glass blocks and high-rise rooflights were proposed. The space surrounded by glass blocks that penetrated between the ‘U’-shaped existing brick building provides a new common living room for families.
The newly added translucent glass block creates a new space with fresh impression on the outside while respecting the existing brick building’s the family history. The colorful tiles used repeatedly in the common entrance hall and hallways imply the stories of various lives of three generations living together.